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Instant Media is an experienced and creative team. We can work with you on a single project and its realization, or prepare a complete marketing program involving a wide variety of communication types. Each client and each project is a unique challenge to create a successful strategy and find the best solutions, often in a very short time.

What we do

Do you need advertisement that will generate a desirable image for your product and communicate essential information about this product to a wide audience? To be able to create such advertisement we must study all the materials: the marketing strategy, positioning, the target audience and a general overview, including competition. The message conveyed to the customer must be functional. It should clearly express the qualities of your offer and its benefit to the customer. We create advertisement that reflects the desired image of your product. We will conduct a survey studying the perceptiveness of the target audience to the advertisement. Simple and great advertising does not always require a huge budget. It is the creative idea that counts.


Our goal while working on a project is to find the uniqueness of each client and his product, to truly understand his needs. To grasp the project appropriately, we will ask a lot of questions and listen to your answers closely. Our approach is characterized by our experience which helps us to find creative solutions for all of our customers. For us, every client is unique. We firmly believe that good communication can completely change the perception of your company or your product , and so we take our professional responsibilities very seriously. You know your profession well. Our profession is in-store marketing, branding and communication. We believe that together we can benefit from future partnerships.

From the idea to the solution

The process that we use when working on a project is a combination of imagination and creativity with clear strategically targeted solutions. We start by discussing the strategy with you and informing you of the outcome of each procedure. This way we can create a common vision, identify all needs and find the proper course. This will create a solid foundation from which we can prepare detailed design and communication that truly resonates with the nature of your company and product, thus ensuring return on your investment.

The process of our work

There are no same projects, there are no same clients!

Communication is different for each client. Each client and each project is a unique challenge to create a successful strategy and find the best solutions, often in a very short time.

Our experience

You may already have experiences with cheap agencies that promised spectacular results, but their work was often uneffective and sloppy.

You may have also had experience with large, corporate agencies, but their size and impersonal approach often result in uncreative solutions with unnecessary cost.

In the search for a succesful solution, Instant Media also concentrates on minimizing your expenses.

With us you will always know exactly what you're paying for.

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